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Norse Myths Project

Sports Premium Package
Cross-curricular Project Overview

Cross-curricular Project Aims
The Project Team
Cross-curricular Pre-visit tasks

Tasks overview
Booking the Norse Myths Project

Norse Myths - Promotional trailer from Arty-Physical on Vimeo.


The development the Norse Myths Project has been made possible through a creative business award from the Deutsche Bank and the contribution of independent investors through a CrowdFunder campaign. Support in kind has been provided by Stubbings Infant School, Hebden Bridge and Walsden St Peter's CE (VC) Primary School, Rochdale. 

The Norse Myths Project has been selected and programmed by Listaleypurin, a school touring programme in the Faroe Islands, financed by the Ministry for Culture, Education and Research, the Association of Municipalities and the Nordic House; the tour is due to take place in January 2018.

There are two versions of the project available: the Sports Premium package, which focuses wholly on the development of dance skills, and the Cross-curricular package, which draws together learning from the areas of dance, Art, D.T. and writing.

We are delighted to announce that Norse Myths is now open for bookings for the year 2017-2018 from primary schools within the region of Yorkshire and beyond.

Photographer - Rich Pawson

Sports Premium Package:

The Norse Myths Sports Premium package is an ideal enhancement for primary schools looking to build the profile of dance within their schools, and the confidence of their teachers in delivering dance within the PE curriculum. The package provides structured support for teachers to deliver Viking themed dance lessons, with direct input from expert dance teachers, and an aspirational ending to the project through the opportunity for ten children to take part in a professional performance alongside Arty-Physical at the end of the day.

For only £325 (plus travel beyond a 15 mile radius from Hebden Bridge), schools can expect to receive:

- Planning for a sequence of 5 Viking themed PE dance lessons.
- Access to video materials to use in lessons for wam-ups and the teaching of a warrior dance sequence.
- Two professionally run dance workshops delivered by Giorgio & Jamie for two classes of children.
- A professional end of day performance to share with the whole school including the participation of ten children selected from the dance workshops.

For booking enquires, please use the form at the bottom of the page, or alternatively email:


Photographer - Alison Wilkin

Cross-curricular Project Overview:

The Norse Myths project offers a day of whole school engagement culminating in a live performance by Arty-Physical. Tying into the National Curriculum (Years 1-6), the project covers objectives for Art & Design, DT, PE, History and Writing.

Prior to the day, schools are provided with teaching packs, allowing each class to prepare for the visit. On the day itself, art and dance workshops are provided for a maximum of 4 groups, whilst the remaining groups have a short visit from a member of the team to record extracts of their prepared work. The final performance links a series of vignettes of Norse myths, told in dance form, interspersed and layered with films, photos and voice-overs constructed from children’s work.

Cross curricular Project Aims:

The aim of the project is to provide a performance/ exhibition context to which children from across the whole school can invest and contribute.

The performance aims to create a feeling of whole school cohesion, whilst providing a clear purpose for the development of art-work, dance and creative writing, allowing each child to ‘create’ something which has the potential to be ‘published’ within the context of the performance. The work of the professional artists aims to create an aspirational layer to the day, whilst also providing clear structure within which the work of the children can co-exist.

Photographer - Alison Wilkin

The project team:

The project team consists of two dance artists;
Jamie Boylan and Giorgio de Carolis and one visual artist, Alison Wilkin. Both Jamie and Alison are qualified primary school teachers, and Giorgio and Jamie are experienced higher education lecturers. As we are all teaching artists, a spirit of pedagogy stands at the centre of our performance project.

Jamie, Giorgio and Alison are all fully insured independent teachers with Enhanced DBS Certificates, presented to the school at the start of each contract.

Previsit Tasks:

The previsit tasks have been carefully prepared by Jamie and Alison, combining their shared experience and expertise as primary school teachers. As the day itself is limited by time, the tasks are a means of giving the four groups of children who will work directly with the artists the opportunity to achieve maximum impact within their sessions. The tasks also provide the remaining groups from within the school the opportunity to prepare work which can be put forward for inclusion within a video or a voice-over which can either form a part of the live performance or the end of day work sharing.

Tasks Overview:

Key Stage 1

Year 1 - Design an illustration to accompany the Nordic Creation story (followed by a workshop on the day to transform the design into an oil pastel composition for inclusion in a film).
Year 2 - Construct a Viking longship (followed by a workshop on the day to transform the ship into an axeled vehicle which can form a part of a green-screen film animation).

Key Stage 2
Year 3 - Learn and rehearse a Viking Warrior dance (followed by a workshop on the day (whole class) from which 8-10 children are selected to perform in the live performance. An additional group will also be given the opportunity to have a dance workshop on the day, normally Year 4).
Year 4 - Engage in an Historical research task (4 children are invited to read extracts of their writing on the day for inclusion in a voice-over for a film about the Vikings).
Year 5 - Write a précis of a Norse Myth (3 or 4 children are invited to combine their précis to be read and recorded on the day to be included as a voice-over within the live performance).
Year 6 - Write a class poem about the Norse god Loki (3 or 4 children are invited to read the poem to be recorded on the day to be included as an accompaniment to a vignette of dance performed by Arty-Physical).

*Although Reception children are welcome to attend the end of day performance, there are no specific tasks for them tying into the EYFS.

Photography by Alison Wilkin & Rich Pawson

Booking the Norse Myths Project:

The Norse Myths Project runs from September 2017 - July 2018, and is available on Fridays only throughout the year.

The design of the project is based around a one day visit to a single form entry primary school, catering for Years 1 - 6. Schools with two or three form intakes can still book the Norse Myths Project for a one day visit, but only 4 groups of children from within the school will be able to take part in the workshops, (although all will be able to engage in the tasks and watch the end of day performance - subject to the capacity of your school hall).

There is also the option for two/ three form entry schools to book the Norse Myths Project for more than one day in order to provide more children from across the school with the opportunity to work directly with the artists. 

The Norse Myths Project is competitively priced at £500 per day (no VAT at present) which includes: workshops, performance, the provision of some art materials and travel within a 15 mile radius of Hebden Bridge (West Yorkshire).  Schools beyond this radius will need to pay a supplement for travel and if neccesary, accommodation (to be negotiated at time of booking).

If you would like to find out more about the Norse Myths Project, or would like to make a booking, please complete the form below or email: jamie@arty-physical.org.uk.

Norse Myths Project - Booking enquiry
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